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What are our tracks like.

Some information about our track.

1/8th Track Information

Track size approximately 60 metres x 45 metres.

The track layout is run anti-clockwise and the surface consists of dirt, concrete, paving stones, Astro-turf.

Lap times are 39-44 seconds depending upon layout.

RC4 decoder with BBK timing system and live timing at

1/10th Track Information

Track size approximately 31 metres x 27 metres

The track layout is run anti-clockwise as standard. The surface consists of astro-turf with a sandy earth base layer.

Lap times are 21-26 seconds depending upon layout.

RC4 decoder with BBK timing system and live timing at

Rock Crawling Information

Track size approximately 60m x 10m, located between the race tracks, with a new section above the 1/10th track.

The main route is laid out left to right, and has two numbered sections, starting in the bottom left corner, with many natural and man made obstacles to drive on and over.

There are multiple sub routes, so obstacles can be sessioned. The driving surface is a mix of sand/mud, rocks and wood work.

Lap times are as long as you make them, no decoder required. Just be careful where you step as the ground can be slippery and is off camber.

Our Location

Herts Nitro model Club Westmill Farm Ware SG12 0ES

Located near Ware and Hertford in Hertfordshire close to the A10 dual carriageway.

15 mins from A1(M) J4 or J7 15 mins from M25 J25 20 mins from M11 J7

Useful information

Herts RC Models (based on Westmill Farm site adjacent to HNMC) - 01920 466995 -

Westmill Farm Camp site - Nearest petrol station - BP Rush Green - Stanstead Road SG13 7SH - 01992 517650


Here will be our most recent posts, from announcements or just showing off our track.

Latest News Update

Please read tracks all closed on advice until end of April..this includes any practice as well as meetings. Thank you for your help. We will update any changes, Cheers HNMC

To ALL RC Clubs & Officials

Hi Herts(Herts-Nitro-Model-Club)

The sport is facing some very difficult times, as part of the wider sporting community we are required to do our bit to help contain the spread of the virus by limiting the social gatherings that are the core of what we do.

Hence the Association Executive has had to take the following steps Today:-

ALL our Association events (i.e. all our Nationals and Regionals) that should have been happening between Now until the end of April will either be Postponed or Cancelled.

Please look out for announcements from the sections concerned as they get this resolved, please allow them the time to get this done as it's expected that trying to adjust the calendar at this time of the year will be difficult.

We Recommend that All Clubs do likewise and close for the same period of time.

While we appreciate that this is difficult to do and will have financial implications for some clubs it is not a decision that the Executive have taken lightly.

While we can only advise you to do so and ultimately it's each Clubs decision to follow this advice, or not, we do believe that this is the responsible course of action to take and so it's recommended that Clubs close until the end of April, but with a plan in place to recommence when we can.

There will be separate email, containing the same information, going to the entire Membership this evening..

Massive thanks to the track prep team and all the racers for a great meeting.

Regards Darren Newton BRCA Chairman [email protected]
Jim Thompson HNMC

Latest News Update

The new year started as it ended with a busy day 74 drivers.

Miller Reeder and Jones wins HNMC winter 6
The weather was mild for January!!!!! Hitting 8 degrees at lunch time.

Qualifying went to Less Reeder Truggy, Richard Miller eBuggy and Callum Niblett Nitro Buggy.


F Final transfers 1st Danny Lewington 2nd Peter Yaffia 3rd Otis Brown

E Final Transfers 1st Steve Milne 2nd Richard Miller 3rd Ben Kennett

D Final Transfers 1st Howard Elston 2nd Thomas Perkins 3rd Deane Linan

C Final Transfers 1st Daniel Austin 2nd Dave Rose 3rd Chris Long

B Final Transfers 1st Owen Luckin 2nd John Niall 3rd Jason Patey

A Final top 3 1st Lewis Jones 2nd Callum Niblett 3rd Simon Reeves

Ebuggy 1st Richard Miller 2nd Holger Lykke 3rd Adam Marshal

Truggy 1st Dominic Powles 2nd Less Reeder

Big thanks to the Herts Track team for track prep on Saturday and everyone who helped clear the track after rain Sunday morning.

Thanks to Mark Garrett in race control.

Happy new year to everyone and see you all trackside soon.

Jim Thompson

Latest News Update

We keep on about the weather in the UK, to say is has been wet would be an understatement so thanks to the HNMC track team who have worked hard all year to give us a track thank you. 60 racers were in attendance for winter 4 and the weather on the day was good.

Lewis Jones took TQ Nitro Buggy, Tommy Chung took TQ E-Buggy. Finals

E Final 1st Panagiotis Chalkias 2nd Nicky Knights 3rd Harvey Fryer-Windsor

D Final 1st Richard Miller 2nd Chris Smoothy 3rd Steve Bellwood

C Final 1st James Clarke 2nd Rob Cockcroft 3rd Thomas Perkins

B Final 1st Owen Luckin 2nd Jeremy Irving 3rd Stuart Smith

A Final 1st Lewis Jones 2nd Karl Jackson 3rd Kevin Brunsden

E-Buggy 1st Tommy Chung 2nd Richard Miller 3rd Holger Lykke

The main A final was great to watch with Lewis Jones ending up at the back on the first lap fighting his way through the field to win.

Driver of the day goes to Karl Jackson on his second place.

Thanks to all for a great race day and wish you all happy Christmas Jim Thompson HNMC

Latest News Update

Clancy + Miller wins at HNMC Winter 5

Herts Nitro Model Club ended its busiest year to date with 75 racer attending winter 5, the weather was warm and dry all day.

Qualification TQ in nitro buggy went to Jamie Clancy & E-Buggy Richard Miller.

Final top three transfers.

F Final 1st Craig Homer 2nd Martyn Hawkes 3rd Peter Cox

E Final 1st Simon Dudman 2nd Chris Smoothy 3rd Al Lee

D Final 1st Jack Ritchie 2nd Rob Cockcroft 3rd Jonathan Horne

C Final 1st John Geaves 2nd David Rose 3rd Jim Thompson

B Final 1st Richard Barton 2nd Aaron Knights 3rd Josh Graham

A Final 1st Jamie Clancy 2nd Joni Skidmore 3rd Lewis Jones

The main A Final was another Epic battle between Joni Skidmore and Jamie Clancy under the flood lights with the lead changing constantly on the last few laps.

Massive thanks to the track prep team and all the racers for a great meeting.

Massive thanks to Mark Garrett in race control all day.

The club wishes everyone a happy new year and look forward to racing in 2020.

Video coming soon special with top three at end confirming teams for 2020 not to be missed.

See you all track side and at winter 6 12th January Thank you to billy for our new club website

Jim Thompson HNMC