HNMC 2017 Summer Series

Summer is coming! (hopefully..)

Many thanks for a great winter series, we only missed 1 round due to the weather and we had a great turn out at each round so thank you very much from everyone at the club!

The standings and results from round 11 are now on the website, the standings are provisional and just awaiting manual checking from Jim as some new people may have joined as members

Trophies for the winter series are being ordered and once we have a date for the presentations we will update you

The Summer dates are now on the race calendar on the right hand side of the home screen and also listed below.

Please get yourselves booked in here :

See you at the track!

HNMC 2017 Summer 1 2nd April 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 2 16 April 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 3 30 April 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 4 1st May 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 5 14 May 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 6 11 June 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 7 9 July 2017
HNMC 2017 Summer 8 13 August 2017


HNMC 1/10 Winter Series

The HNMC Electric Winter series for 2016/17 is starting on the 30th of October with some exciting changes!!

We’ll be running 2wd, 4wd and VINTAGE (providing there is a minimum of 5 cars.)

We will also introducing a buddy race between qualifying and the finals where two people control one car! One on the sticks, one on the wheel😄

An exciting addition to the series is bump up finals!! You’ve all seen it in 1/8th so we’re gonna bring it in for the 1/10th drivers to try. Top 3 of each final will bump up to the next final giving them a chance to finish as high as they can👍🏼

Dates are as follows:

Rd1. 30th Oct
Rd2. 27th Nov
Rd3. 8th Jan
Rd4. 5th Feb
Rd5. 26th Feb
Rd6. 26th March

The format for the series will be best 4 out of 6 to count!!


Practice will be from 8 till 10 and racing will start soon after with drivers briefing in between.

Booking in From 9 – 10:15

1st race at 10:30

We will follow the standard format for the day, so it will be 4 qualifiers followed by a short break and 1 final for all.


-Covered pit area for pitting

-240v power (This is for charging only) and lighting 10 meters away from the track

-Pit Tables are there, but no chairs.

-Air lines for cleaning cars

Finally, we’ll be having a big raffle at the end of the series where everyone has a ticket for every meeting that they have attended aswell as a chance for people to buy extra.

Trophies will be provided for top 3 of each class as well as TOP U13!!

If you have any questions then feel free to message me on this Facebook page or find me at a club meeting.

Tuesday nights will run until the end of September.


The HNMC Team!hnmc 10th hnmc 10th 2 hnmc 10th 3